The Art Scene in West Palm Beach, South Florida

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You have to start with the light. I think so many artists migrate to South Florida because the light is so fantastic. In the winter it is soft and diffused, casting dramatic contrasting shadows. Then in the summer, the rain makes all the colors wildly vivid. It is a treat for the eyes. The weather here is terrific for art making. Here, when I hold a piece of clay in my hands, it is room temperature and not freezing cold. If a painter or photographer wants to work outdoors, beautiful morning are plentiful.

The resources here are many, from the Armory Art Center with over 3,000 students and 100 classes, to the new Palm Beach Photographic Center. The Armory has Visiting Master Artist Workshops and a summer camp for children. The Photographic Center offers classes, workshops, outreach programs, exhibits, a museum and store. The Norton Museum of Fine Art is a wonderful place for inspiration. It has an exhibit of work by glass sculpter Dale Chihuly that took my breath away the first time I saw it. Other sources of inspiration are The Society of The Four Arts and The Flagler Museum.

Opportunities for working artists also abound, as the area has several places to show and sell artworks. The Boca Museum of Art has an annual exhibition open to emerging artists, and Worth Avenue in Palm Beach is known for its many galleries. In addition, there are galleries up and down the coastline.

It is impossible to talk about the art scene of West Palm Beach without including the surrounding areas. Northwood Village is an up-and-coming neighborhood with galleries, thrift shops and restaurants. Lake Worth is a charming place to visit galleries as well.

As if that weren’t enough, Delray Beach has a thriving strip of galleries and shops just down the street from the ocean. Whether you are an artist or visitor, West Palm Beach will be a stimulating experience, both visually and emotionally.