Dreamer 2009

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When I first started to build my sculpture “Dreamer”, the model at the workshop was a beautiful woman with really short hair.  I realized that by narrowing the chin and giving it a hint of an Adam’s apple, the viewer would not know if it was male or female.  As I was working on the piece, I  became aware that if I were to proceed further, and smooth out the tool marks, it would be ruined.  I love the look of the piece with the unfinished surface.

When some people look upon “Dreamer”, they think is is a woman, lesbian, a man or gay man.  This sculpture solidified my work as an impressionist.  I strive to show minimal execution in the construction of my sculptures.  While working on the piece, I let my subconscious take over and the end result is a sculpture that is thought-provoking to the viewer.  I have been greatly influenced by the impressionists.  I am so moved by the effect of minimal paint strokes and what was achieved by some of the great impressionists.   For example, 2 light brush strokes on a canvas and you have the suggestion of a figure.

The sculpture “Dreamer” has been exhibited in a few shows.  Just recently, “Dreamer” was a part of “Cutting Edge” Masters of Contemporary Art exhibition.  This international exhibition was curated by Viviana Puello, Director of Vivid Arts Network and ARTtour International Magazine.  The venue took place at the Auditorium al Duomo in Florence, Italy from December 1st through December 10, 2012.  This event was comprised of 30 master artists from all over the world and their art from many disciplines.  I was very fortunate to be able to participate in this wonderful exhibit in person.