Penis On Wheels 2010

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It began with a dream.  I woke up after having a long period of sleep and decided to make a sculpture of male genitalia. I went to the Armory Arts Center in West Palm Beach, Fl and I started to construct a penis out of clay. After the piece was fired in the kiln, I […]

Unbridled With Rider 2011

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One evening, I was watching TV.  I was riveted to a movie about Georgia O’Keeffe.  In the twilight hours of the next day, I had a dream about a static horse with no legs and a female rider mounted upon it.  This became the start of “Unbridled”.

Flying Vaginas Mobile 2011

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Someone had said to me, “Cheri, if you don’t do a sculpture about female anatomy you will be known as The Penis Woman”.  So I made “Flying Vaginas Mobile”.  It does not look like female genitalia.  I was working from memory.  I have not seen many vaginas in my life.  After all, women can not see […]

Status of Penis On Wheels

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Oct. 11, 2012 The sculpture is being welded together.  The motor will be installed soon.  Video to follow.  Stay tuned! ~Cheri

700 Pound Penis on Wheels, Motorized

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This is a motorized penis on wheels, weighs 700 pound and is six foot long. Goes two miles an hour. Will be complete November 2012. Video to follow.

Fashion Victim

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I think high heels are ridiculous! Some men think they are sexy but they are not.  It is because they have been conditioned to think so. I was in the shoe department when  I overheard one woman bullying another women into getting a pair of heels. Even women pressure other women into getting high heels. […]

Protected: Flying Vaginas Mobile

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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Penis On Wheels

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Many of you have looked at this piece but have not commented on it. May I please have some feedback, good, bad or indifferent?  ~ Cheri